Looking for distributors in the Gulf area
Due to Alpha expansion performing up high two digits sales volume sales in the industrial market, capturing gross profit year-on-year growth in the Egyptian market across different market segments where are in the Oil & Gas exploration and services, Hotels, AGRO Farms, Hospitals, Railways, aside to the core market of the industrial business sectors.
{A E & T}, S.A.E. business continuation and growth needs to receive the interest of a business partner who will participate to enable us help in developing the Middle East Territory through the right "Channel Partners"
Being, as The "Channel Partner" in your territory together with our USA Principles' support you shall work with A E & T to achieve the sales projections and marketing plans along the medium and long term strategic targets launching the latest breakthrough in the international market of fine quality lubricants where quality products act, and is substantially competitive in price compared to all other competing products.
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