About Us

Eng. Khaled SamyAlpha Engineering & Trading S.A.E. {A E & T} expressing to your kind attention our scope of business, as a closed private joint stock company operating in marketing, distribution, and mainly selling packed commercial specialty lubricants, also we do bulk petroleum products namely, Industrial Solar / Kerosene, focusing on the fine specialty industrial lubricants (Oils/Greases), which is crucial for industrial users.


Alpha (S.A.E.) was founded end of 1999 by the Mechanical Engineer Khaled Mahmoud Sami, who has been in this business since 1989 being employed by Exxon, then through his proprietary company started in May 1995.


AE&T is a leading oil trading company since its early beginnings in 1995 operating over and more than past two decades on fixed values partnering together with our local and overseas Clients and Principle’s.


After building a solid foundation locally, supplying bulk and packed commercial petroleum products on behalf of our principle's ExxonMobil , AE&T introduced the state-of the-art specialty lubricants from the chemical processing industry / automotive / corrugators / wafers / textiles / & steel applications, to the most demanding military specs the DuPont™ Krytox® Performance Lubricants recently incorporated as a Brand of The CHEMOURS   Company after the Spin-Off are established as a critical choice worldwide for lubricants that can perform when needed, where needed, as needed.


AE&T used to enjoy for decades being as The Authorized Distributor of Krytox®  a Brand of The Company has been at the forefront of innovation for over 200 years.


Due to Alpha Engineering & Trading expansion performing up high two digits sales volume sales in the industrial market, capturing healthy gross profit year-on-year growth in the Egyptian market across different market segments where are in the Oil & Gas exploration and services, Hotels, AGRO Farms, Hospitals, Railways, aside to the core market of the industrial business sectors.


Alpha Engineering & Trading S.A.E. {A E & T} recently had signed off an Agency Agreement / Exclusive Sole Distributor with the Spanish COGELSA®      Efficient Lubrication across the territory of Egypt / Libya / Iraq.


A E & T  also represents also our Principles'  The ORELUBE® Corporation  as an Exclusive Sole Agent in Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordon, Lebanon, and Turkey &, even IRAN.







Thank you for your kind cooperation in advance.


We remain,

Eng Khaled Sami Hafez Ibrahim – Chairman.